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Same-Day Consultations & Same-Day Starts Available!
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Damon Braces in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Achieve Your Healthiest Smile in a Fraction of the Time with Accelerated Braces

damon braces in fort wayne indianaEven as recently as fifteen years ago, metal braces with colorful bands were simply a rite of passage for most teenagers. Too often, the bands would snap, the brackets would break off, and the wire would come loose. In addition, it was more difficult to keep the bands clean and free of food particles. As a result, dentists found these types of braces more often lead to tooth decay and cavities. Patients also were increasingly frustrated with having to deal with treatment times that often lasted beyond two years.

Today, many orthodontic specialists offer a variety of solutions to this problem. One of the most effective solutions on the market is the highly advanced Damon System, offered by Legacy Dental. Our Damon braces in Fort Wayne, Indiana, have many advantages over traditional metal braces.

Benefits of Damon Braces

When you choose this revolutionary treatment method, you can look forward to the following:

  • Damon Braces are “self-ligating,” meaning that the brackets can hold the archwire directly, so there are no rubber bands needed.
  • Spectacular results in less time. Our patients experience an average 37-40% shorter treatment time, which can mean getting your braces off 6 to 9 months sooner than your friends.
  • Damon braces allow freedom of movement, resulting in faster results with gentler forces.
  • Increased precision and effectiveness reduces the need for many of the time-consuming and complicated procedures that are used with traditional braces.
  • Damon braces in Fort Wayne require fewer adjustments, and as a result, your orthodontic appointments will be faster and fewer in number.
  • Less discomfort than traditional metal braces, Damon braces are small, comfortable, and easy to keep clean.

Looking for a Less Noticeable Option? Try Damon Clear Braces

When Invisalign isn’t the right choice for you, but you still want a more discreet way to straighten your teeth, clear Damon braces in Fort Wayne, Indiana, can be a great option. Legacy Dental is pleased to be able to offer you high quality “invisible” treatment with Damon Clear self-ligating braces.

With Damon Clear ceramic braces from Legacy Dental, you can enjoy all the same benefits as metal braces, plus:

  • Discreet treatment with non-staining ceramic brackets
  • The durability and effectiveness of a traditional braces style
  • No need to worry about replacing lost Invisalign aligners
  • Accelerated overall treatment time thanks to Damon’s self-ligating technology

See if Damon Braces in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Are Right for You!

At Legacy Dental, we believe in making your braces experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. With the Damon System, we can help you achieve your healthiest smile with confidence. To learn more about how Damon clear and metal self-ligating braces from Legacy Dental can keep you smiling throughout the duration of your treatment, we invite you to schedule your complimentary Legacy Dental Orthodontic Assessment. This FREE comprehensive appointment – a $275 value with no obligation – includes a thorough exam, digital imaging of your mouth, gums, and jaw, and a personalized consultation with our knowledgeable orthodontic specialist. To get started, call 260.434.1133 or click here today.

As one of the premier dental practices in Fort Wayne, IN, Legacy Dental also offers 5-star orthodontic care to patients in Waynedale, Roanoke, New Haven, Huntington & Decatur.