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Same-Day Consultations & Same-Day Starts Available!

7215 Engle Road Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Legacy Dental for Your Oral Surgery Needs

Wisdom teeth removals in Fort Wayne, Indiana, are a common form of oral surgery performed by our team at Legacy Dental. While some dental practices have to refer patients who need wisdom teeth extractions to an outside specialist, our experienced dentists are able to handle your tooth or teeth removal here in our own office.

Why Do You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When your wisdom teeth begin to emerge, they can easily grow in at an incorrect angle. This can put pressure on your other teeth. Just in the way that pressure from orthodontic braces can slowly push your teeth into an ideal position, the pressure from your misaligned wisdom teeth can gradually shift the rest of your teeth out of position. The crooked appearance of your teeth may be the least of your problems, however. Misaligned teeth can result in lifelong jaw pain, headaches, and other medical complications. Despite the positive association with the word “wisdom,” wisdom teeth can end up causing pain and other problems for many people.

Our Legacy Dental team performs extractions for impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth, but you may also need your tooth removed for other reasons, including…

  • Your damaged tooth may be beyond repair, either from decay, root fracture or recent trauma
  • Your primary tooth has not fallen out on its own to make room for your permanent tooth
  • Orthodontic work requires the removal of teeth to optimize your personal treatment plan

Signs That Your Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed

During your routine dental checkups, we may determine that you should have your wisdom teeth removed to prevent potential problems from worsening. However, if you experience any of the following symptoms at home between your preventative dental appointments, we recommend that you schedule an examination at our Legacy Dental office:

  • Jaw pain or tenderness
  • Red or swollen gums around your teeth
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Bad taste when you bite down on food

We Specialize in Worry-Free Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fort Wayne, Indiana

If you think you need to have a tooth extracted, or you would like to discuss your situation with our knowledgeable dental team, make an appointment today by calling 260.434.1133 or clicking here. If you feel nervous or anxious about your upcoming tooth extraction, we also offer a variety of sedative and non-sedative options to help put you at ease.

Come experience Legacy Dental and our 5-star-rated Fort Wayne dentist – we can’t wait to meet you!

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