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Same-Day Consultations & Same-Day Starts Available!

7215 Engle Road Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Whether it is the result of decay or tooth damage, you may find yourself needing a dental implant or crown. It can be embarrassing to go through the process of crown preparation or getting a dental implant only to have a crown placed that doesn’t match the color of your other teeth! You want a restoration that blends with your smile and is not noticeable. Our orthodontist in Fort Wayne, IN, explains more about crown matching and how a correct match blends your smile seamlessly and maintains your confidence.

Deciding on Color

Our dentist uses a shade guide to decide which color matches your teeth best before sending for a crown to be made. The guide is a variety of fake teeth of different colors that are held up next to your teeth for comparison. Some ways color is determined include:

  • Natural Sunlight — Indoor lighting can make the color appear different. You may be asked to go outside to view the color in natural lighting for a more accurate representation.
  • Second Opinion — When color matching, our dentist may ask a colleague to take a look for a second opinion to reduce the chances of inaccuracy.

Shade & Color

When talking about color, it’s more about the shade than the actual color. Shades include hue (color), chroma (brightness), and value (light or dark). There are different combinations of color, brightness, and levels of light and dark that will be used to match your natural teeth, not just one solid color. This makes for a more natural appearance that blends well.

Preparing & Cementing

After our dentist matches the color, we will take any necessary impressions or digital photos of your teeth. The dental lab will use this information to create your crown. If the crown does not look right we will send it back to have them try again — we will do everything possible to make sure your smile is uniform and blended. We want you to feel confident about your new crown and smile!

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