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Same-Day Consultations & Same-Day Starts Available!

7215 Engle Road Fort Wayne, IN 46804

6 Month Smiles in Fort Wayne, IN

Adults Love Invisible & Fast Cosmetic Braces at Legacy Dental

6 month smiles in fort wayne inFinally, an opportunity to fix a smile that may have bothered you for years!  Legacy Dental is pleased to offer 6 Month Smiles in Fort Wayne, IN. Our experienced dentist understands that as an adult, you may be self-conscious about your teeth but don’t necessarily want to be in metal braces for years to correct your smile. 6 Month Smiles is considered a “short-term” orthodontic treatment and is a simple, effective way to make the cosmetic changes you desire. At Legacy Dental, achieve the smile of your dreams – without the hassle and long-term commitment of the more conventional ways to straighten your teeth!

Why Choose 6 Month Smiles in Fort Wayne, IN?

6 Month Smiles is a clear brace system that achieves fast results because it primarily focuses on your front teeth. Our adult patients appreciate the advantages of over types of comprehensive orthodontic treatment, including…

  • Discreet brackets – These unique clear braces also have tooth-colored wires that adults prefer over the more noticeable metal type.
  • Gentle forces – The system is designed to target specific areas like your front teeth to provide safe, painless correction
  • Convenient – 6 Month Smiles’ patient tray kits ensure that your office appointments are fast, easy, and comfortable
  • Affordable – This type of treatment is less expensive than traditional braces or other types of cosmetic solutions.

Want to Learn More About 6 Month Smiles in Fort Wayne, IN?

We Offer the Orthodontic Treatment Options You Want – Call Today!

While our 6 Month Smiles treatment may indeed be the perfect option for you, we also have many other advanced treatment options for adults who have more comprehensive orthodontic needs. For example, we offer beautiful clear braces and the patented Invisalign system for patients who want to straighten their teeth more discreetly than conventional braces. In addition, our popular, revolutionary Damon braces system is an accelerated treatment method that successfully straightens teeth in less time than regular braces.

When you are ready to learn more, take advantage of our complimentary Legacy Dental Orthodontic Assessment. This appointment includes a thorough exam, digital x-rays, and a personal consultation with one of our orthodontic and dental specialists. This comprehensive assessment – valued at $275 – is 100% free and carries no obligation. Just bring all your questions, and our expert dentist will be happy to educate you about our practice and our many cosmetic and restorative dental options we offer. Make your appointment today by calling 260.434.1133 or clicking here.

Ask About Our Other Specials While You’re Here!

For those interested in dental implants, we invite you to take advantage of our FREE Legacy Dental Implant Consultation. Your appointment includes an examination, digital x-rays, and a consultation discussing what implant system is best for you – a $275 value, all yours for free!

We also offer a FREE Legacy Dental Sleep Apnea Exam. This appointment includes a full health history review, an oral examination, an in-depth consultation, and a take-home sleep study kit. This specially designed sleep testing device is programmed for each individual patient and is easy to use. You will take the kit home for overnight use and bring it back to us the next day. We then take the data gathered from one night’s sleep and analyze the results in order to make the appropriate diagnosis.

Come experience Legacy Dental and our 5-star-rated Fort Wayne dentist – we can’t wait to meet you!

As one of the premier dental practices in Fort Wayne, IN, Legacy Dental also provides high quality dental & orthodontic care to patients in Waynedale, Roanoke, New Haven, Huntington & Decatur.