Sedation Dentistry

Let’s face it, going to the dentist isn’t likely to be on your list of favorite things to do.

And if you have extra anxiety, worry or fear about dental work, the first thing is to know…

You Are NOT Alone

Many patients, just like you, come to Ueber & Friedrich Dentistry because we can help them with sedation options that can help with challenges such as:

  • Difficulty getting numb?
  • A bad gag reflex?
  • Very sensitive teeth?
  • Limited time to complete your dental care?
  • Uncomfortable with needles and shots?
  • Dislike noises, smells, tastes associated with dental care?
  • Afraid & embarrassed about your teeth?

Sedation Dentistry may be the answer! It is Safe! It Works!

You simply take a pill 1 hour before the appointment which will put you in a state of near-total relaxation.
Depending on the length of the appointment and your level of relaxation, you may be given more during the appointment. Many patients are so relaxed they remember little to nothing from their appointment.
Once you have been seated our experienced clinical team will begin constantly monitoring vital signs, making sure you are comfortable and safe throughout the entire procedure. Due to the sedative effects of the sleeping pill you will need someone to accompany you.

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